Three Types Of Trash Cans & Dumpsters You Can Rent

When it comes to renting dumpsters, there are three different types of dumpsters that you can rent. You can choose a garbage bin rental, a container rental, or a construction dumpster rental. Which dumpster you need depends upon what you are throwing out and the quantity of items you need to get rid of. 

Dumpster Type #1: Garbage Bin

A garbage bin is what most people and businesses are given for their trash. Nowadays, most trash companies will actually give you a garbage can, so you don't have to provide your own. Trash companies give garbage bins to residents and businesses because their bins have special handles on them that allow the trash truck to easily pick-up and empty the trash without someone having to manually get out of the truck and deal with the trash. 

If you don't create that much trash, see if you can downgrade to a smaller trash can. If you create a lot of trash on a regular basis, see if you can upgrade to a larger trash can, or even get two trash cans that you can set out each week. Getting a larger garbage bin, or getting two garbage bins, will increase your yearly garbage bill.  

Dumpster Type #2: Container

A large container, also known as a small dumpster, is the small basic size dumpster you may see next to a small retail store or a small restaurant. This is also the perfect size of dumpster if you are remodeling your kitchen or tearing off your roof.  

Dumpster containers may vary a little bit in size, with some a little larger. They are often referred to as roll-off dumpsters, as the dumpsters have wheels on them that are locked in place. Generally, it is not a good idea to try to move the dumpster on your own.  

Dumpster Type #3: Construction Dumpster

Finally, you can rent a construction dumpster. A construction dumpster is one of the largest size dumpsters that you can rent. Construction dumpsters are made to handle big loads of heavy items such as brick, concrete, or wood. They are built to handle all that weight. Construction dumpsters often have restrictions on the material that you can put inside them due to the fact that the contents of a construction dumpster generally don't go to the landfill. The material may actually be recycled.  

When it comes to handling your trash, a regular garbage bin is designed for your day-to-day trash. A container, or small dumpster, is great for small home remodeling projects or business purposes. Finally, you have large construction dumpsters, which are made to handle specific heavy materials. If you are not sure what you need, contact your local trash company, discuss your trash needs, and they will make sure you have the right-sized garbage bins or dumpster.