Insects, Disease, And The Fungus Killing Your Trees

The trees on your property can be a valuable addition to your home, but they can also be worrisome if they become ill. Some of the things that affect the health of your trees include pests, insects, diseases, and types of fungus. Therefore, you want to try to catch these problems and have them addressed before they infect and kill valuable trees. The following tips will help you deal with the pests, diseases, and fungi that may be affecting the trees on your property.

1. Animal Pests That Nest in Trees and Cause Them to Become Vulnerable to Health Problems

There are a lot of animals that are attracted to trees and that use them as nesting habitats, but sometimes these animals can be pests that cause damage. Therefore, you will want to be proactive when it comes to preventing damage from wildlife nesting in trees. Try creating habitats for nesting with birdhouses or nesting boxes if you want to have the wildlife without the animals causing damage to trees.

2. Native and Invasive Insects That Can Infest Your Trees and Cause Serious Damage

For some species of trees, invasive insects can cause serious damage that you want to catch before the problem grows. In addition to invasive insects like the emerald ash borer, there are also native insects like ants, termites, and some beetles that can quickly kill your trees. Make sure to treat insect infestations as soon as you notice a problem to prevent the bugs from spreading to healthy trees.

3. Diseases That Affect Different Species of Trees and Can Spread and Kill Them Quickly

In addition to insects that can infect trees and quickly spread, tree disease is another problem that you may face. Insects can compound the problem as they carry the illness from tree to tree. Therefore, you will want to treat tree diseases quickly to keep the problems under control and prevent illnesses from spreading rapidly.

4. Problems with Fungus That Can Affect Tree Health and Make Trees More Vulnerable to Diseases and Infestations

Fungus growth can also be a problem that affects your trees and compromises their health. This is often due to a lack of tree care and too much water. To prevent fungus growth from affecting your trees, make sure not to overwater them and make sure to prune them every year to thin out the canopy and allow sunlight through.

These are some of the problems with trees that you will want to have addressed before they kill your valuable trees. If you need help with caring for your trees, contact a tree service for help with care before these problems get out of control.

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